White Collar Boxing

White Collar boxing was so named as the majority of practitioners came from the so called white collar professions such as banking and law. White Collar Boxing allows people that have taken up the sport later in life or who fall outside the 34 year old maximum age limit to participate in a competitive environment with added safety measures.

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White Collar Boxing : A Brief History

The origins of the sport are much debated but what is agreed is that White Collar Boxing originated in the United States in the late eighties or early nineties.

The spiritual home of the sport is acknowledged to be Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn and the financiers of Wall St the provider of most of the early competitors. Throughout the nineties the sport developed in the United States and events took place in both New York and Chicago.

By the mid nineties the sport had crossed the Atlantic and regular events were held in London in a variety of venues, including the York Hall. By the start of the 21st century, White Collar Boxing was immensely popular on both sides of the pond with gyms, boxing and charities benefitting from the sport.

In London, The City Boxer and The Real Fight Club developed regular promotions with competitors from the City of London and beyond. In New York, Bruce Silverglade continued to see Gleason's host events and train a steady stream of boxers from Wall St.

In late 2005 the New York State Athletic Commission decided that White Collar Boxing in the state was not legal and it was outlawed. This judgement is something the WWCBA is working to overturn and there is considerable opinion to suggest that will happen soon.

The year of 2007 saw Asia's first event when a black tie White Collar Boxing event was held in Singapore. Organised by Vanda Boxing Club this event was the catalyst that would see Vanda Promotions born and put Asia as the region with the fastest growth in White Collar Boxers and events.

Rules and Regulations

A schedule of the rules and regulations governing the sport are available at R&R@wwcba.org . The following is greatly abridged and intended as a summary for interested parties.