WWCBA Membership

Membership is payable annually and includes the quarterly newsletter from the WWCBA which keeps you up to date with all the events, rankings and activities in the world of White Collar Boxing. All funds raised via this form of income are invested into activities to promote and further the sport. The WWCBA encourages all White Collar Boxers, Training Establishments and Event Organisers/Promoters to become members so as to assist the WWCBA in ensuring a consistent, sustainable platform is built wherever White Collar Boxing is practiced.

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Types of Membership


All boxers competing in WWCBA events need to be current Competition Members. This membership is granted upon payment of the applicable fee and upon completion and certification of the Commencement Training Course. This membership entitles the holder to be eligible to compete in any WWCBA sanctioned event along and submit the results to the Competition and Ranking Committee for national, regional and global ranking.

Training Establishment

Organisations that provide the Commencement Training Course must have been accredited by the regional Technical Director and have paid the annual membership fee. This fee covers and accredits up to three trainers within the organisation to provide both the team and individual training syllabus. Accredited training establishments are the only organsations authorised to provide the WWCBA Commencement Training Course and only boxers that have completed a course through these establishments are allowed to compete at WWCBA sanctioned events. Training Establishment Members will be listed on the WWCBA website and any enquiries relating to training will be directed to these members only.

Individual Trainer/Coach

Individuals who provide boxing coaching and are not part of a Training Establishment may also apply for membership as a Individual Trainer/Coach. Upon acceptance by the Technical Director, they must pay the annual fee and will be permitted to provide the Commencement Training Course.

Event Organisation/Promoter

Any event company or boxing promoter of a WWCBA sanctioned contest must be a current Promoter Member have signed the "Code of Conduct". This level of membership entitles the individual/holder to establish events under WWCBA sanctioning including Regional and World Championship contests without limit of geography.

Officials Membership

This type of membership is offered to all officials including judges, referees tournament directors. Membership in the category is granted free of charge by the Officials committee of the WWCBA.

Membership costs

Competitors US$50
Training Establishment US$500
Individual Coach US$250
Event Co/Promoter US$1500
Officials Membership By invitation

For further comprehensive details of membership please email us at membership@wwcba.org