The World White Collar Boxing Association (WWCBA) exists to promote the sport of White Collar Boxing throughout the world. By doing this, it aims to provide a consistent platform for competitors, trainers and promoters to participate and develop this exciting variant of the sport. With more than four thousand White Collar Boxers around the world, the WWCBA is committed to consulting and working with all interested parties in the development of the sport. Whether you are a potential competitor, event organiser or boxing gym looking to work with White Collar Boxers, we would be eager to hear from you.

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Activities of the WWCBA

The WWCBA has a role to provide a common platform and supportive environment for all participants in White Collar Boxing. It does this by providing guidance and support to all interested parties in learning, participating or promoting the sport.


To competitors, the WWCBA provides a variety of assistance and services. These include accreditation of training establishments and the provision of a training syllabus to ensure that those entering the sport are provided with a safe and comprehensive framework to develop their technical skills. Once the appropriate course has been completed, the competitor can then look forward to competing in WWCBA sanctioned competitions,with the knowledge that the rules and regulations are geared towards safe and fair competition.

For competitors that wish to develop in the sport, there is opportunity for their records be regularly assessed against other WWCBA White Collar Boxers. This will form part of a rankings that will in turn allow competitors to compete for both National, Regional and World Championships within the sport.

Competitors can notify their ability via the WWCBA and express interest in competition in any country they intend to travel or reside in. The WWCBA will in turn, make available to all promoters in that country

Training Establishments

The WWCBA accredits Training Establishments that wish to provide White Collar Boxing training to the standards required by the WWCBA. This includes a recommended training syllabus for new comers to the sport which forms part of the Commencement Training Course all boxers must complete.

Accredited establishments will be listed and featured on this website. The considerable quantity of enquiries received by potential boxers will be directed to those accredited within the enquirers area.

Event Organisers/Promoters

Competition is at the very heart of White Collar Boxing and the WWCBA works with promoters to ensure their events are safe, fair and professional. They do this in a variety of ways including;

The WWCBA will work to ensure that through the promoters adherence to the standards of an WWCBA sanction, the promoter is provided with an attractive platform to build sustainable and repeatable promotions.

Publicity and Press

The WWCBA is the sports global governing body and wishes to provide all interested media organisations with comment and expert guidance on the sports development.

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