The World White Collar Boxing Association (WWCBA) exists to promote the sport of White Collar Boxing throughout the world. It does this by providing regulations and guidance around training, safety, competition and eligibility. By doing this it aims to provide a consistent platform for competitors, trainers and promoters to participate and develop this exciting variant of the sport.

With more than four thousand White Collar Boxers around the world, the WWCBA is committed to consulting and working with all interested parties in the development of the sport. Whether you are a potential competitor, event organiser or boxing gym looking to work with White Collar Boxers, we would be eager to hear from you.

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Headquartered in London, with representatives around the world, the WWCBA was formed to support and promote the sport of White Collar Boxing. Through recommendations for training, safety and competition regulation, the WWCBA aims to provide an environment for this fast growing sport to prosper throughout the world. With many hundreds of bouts taking place each year, the WWCBA plans to commence white collar boxer rankings to provide an opportunity for regular particpants to judge their progress against peers in their weight class. This will also provide opportunity for the WWCBA to sanction both regional and world championship bouts.


The WWCBA is committed to working with all parties involved in the sport including trainers, promoters, event venues and of course the boxers themselves. It is our wish to fully represent all areas of the sport and present a strong, creditable voice to help develop the sport further.

We invite all interested parties to engage directly with us and encourage an active dialog. You can email us at

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